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September 13, 2006

iTunes Now Offers Full Length Movies

Video iPod with Pirates of the Caribbean MovieWell it's finally here, the moment all iPod junkies have been waiting for.  Wednesday, at Apple's big "Showtime" media extravaganza, the latest version of iTunes, version 7.0, was announced.  Along with other features it adds the ability to download and watch movies, which are purchased in a similar fashion to music and TV shows.

Over 70 titles are already available for purchase.  Apple plans to stay on top of the movie game, with new movies expected in the digital store the day that they're released on DVD.  Users will be able to pre-order new release titles for $12.99.  During the first week it's available they will cost $14.99.  Movies that are more than a week old sell for $9.99.

Apple also showcased the new 30GB and 80GB iPod Video models which are perfect now that iPods will have multiple 2 hour movies rather than a few TV shows.

All of this great stuff, including the new iPod hardware, is available immediately.  So go out and celebrate.  Because nothing screams "Party!" like watching Pirates of the Caribbean on a 4 inch screen.

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Posted by eric at September 13, 2006 5:52 AM