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September 30, 2006

The HP iPAQ rx5000

With the unveiling of HP's new iPAQ rx5000 Travel Companion it seems like every is trying to become a player in the PMP market. The new device is a state of the art GPD navigation system with a built in portable media player.

The rx5000 runs Windows Mobile 5.0 and can be connected to your PC via USB or bluetooth to transfer for media files for viewing on the go. The player also gives you the ability to view photos with HP Photosmart.

The iPAX rx5000 only has 64MB of internal memory but has an SD memory card slot compatible with 1 and 4 bit memory standard. The screen is 3.5" and the dimensions of the whole device are 4.74" x 3" x 0.65".


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September 28, 2006

Mio H610 Personal GPS Unit and PMP

While the Mio H610’s main purpose in life is to provide you with directions from A to B it also doubles as a basic PMP. The player uses touch screen that takes up the majority of the player. Similar to the FineDrive M300, the touch screen is very easy to navigate with large icons for each function of the player such as music and video playback. The device plays MP3 and Divx files via a SD card memory slot, sorry no internal memory here.

If you are more interested in a video player than look elsewhere, however if you’re in the market for a GPS and would like to watch a TV show or two in the car than this is for you. The Mio H610 will come out in November at a MSRP of $499.95.

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The Archos 504, A 160GB PVP

We first mentioned the Archos 504 back in mid August, but there wasn’t too much information available at the time. Well now Archos has come clean on all the details of the new 160GB PMP. In my opinion this new PMP is the most versatile and capable of any PVP out there. Not only does it have 160GB of internal memory but can be used (with an addition accessory) as a DVR for your TV, so no more paying a monthly fee for TiVo.

The Archos 504 has a widescreen that measures 4.3 inches and if that isn’t big enough for you then just used the option DVR accessory. Not only can the player display MPEG-4 files on your TV it can also record from TV and other sources in MPEG-4 format. The battery on the player can play 17 hours of music or 5 ½ hours of video. Another nice feature that not a lot of other PMPs have is the ability to read PDF files.

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September 26, 2006

StormBlue A9+ Bluetooth PVP

For so long we have seen cell phones that are starting to come equipped with video players, but what about a video player equipped with a cell phone. Well Advanced MP3 Players has done just that with their new StormBlue A9+ bluetooth compatible PVP. So not only can you use bluetooth headphones with this bad boy but you can make and receive calls with your bluetooth enabled mobile phone.

The StormBlue A9+ is available in 2GB and 4GB models with an SD memory card slot to add more storage. The player features a 2-inch, 220x x 176, 262,144-colour display and plays back standard music files as well as MPEG 4 video files. The rechargeable battery offers 11 hours playback for video files or 39 hours for music. The player also comes with an FM tuner.

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Canon M30 and M80

Looks like theres a new face in the PMP world and it's name is Canon. Along with the four digital cameras that Canon released earlier this month they have now decided to release 2 portable media players, the Canon M30 and M80. The M30 features a 30GB HDD, while the M80 has a 80GB.

The players will be able to view photos as well as play videos on a 3.7" screen with 640x480 resolution. The units will also have a SD card memory slot for photo and video tansfers

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September 25, 2006

Doghouse Electronics' RoverTV

There are a lot of PVPs out there that seem more like MP3 players with the added bonus of video playback. Well doghouse electronics' has decided to focus more on the PVP end and make a beautiful widescreen video player. While the RoverTV screen takes up most of the player (4.1") it is not touch screen like you may have guessed, in fact the buttons are located on the side. Another downside is the player does not come with any internal memory, but the player does include a 2GB SD card.

While the device was designed primarily just for video it also features music playback, photo and eBook viewing, voice recording and radio to name a few.

All in all, the RoverTV is a decent device with a nice wide screen, but performance is far from outstanding. You can only hold a max of 2GB on an external memory card, battery life is only around 6 hours and touch screen controls would help immensely. Sounds to me like this company is headed straight for the doghouse

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MSI D310 Finally Hits Stores

The new MSI D310 that was announced in April has finally hit the market. The MSI D310 is lightweight and portabe weighing in at only 180 grams, yet still packing a beautiful 4.2" color screen. The Player also supports auto scanning, digital Teletext, a remote and AV out to watch your video on a larger TV.

As with most every other PMP the player can also be used for audio and photp viewing. The downside to the player is NO internal memory meaning you will need to get some high capacity SD cards if you want to hold any sizable amount of video.

The player has what's called a Freeway receiver, which means it'll work anywhere that uses DVB-T for digital broadcasting. That covers much of Europe, Australia and parts of Asia and South America.

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September 24, 2006

The New Memorex iFlip

 Similar to the what inMotion and inHome iH5 did for audio for your iPod the new Memorex iFlip does for video. The Memorex iFlip is the largest screened portable video display accessory yet released for fifth-generation iPods, with a 8.4-inch video display, two speakers, and a rechargeable battery capable of delivering nearly 8 hours of continuous audio and video playback at normal volume and brightness levels.

Other features that the iFlip has are dual headphone ports and S-Video output. The iFlip has also placed all of the control buttons on the side of the player rather than on the surface.

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The New Commodore Gravel

 Despite it’s rather interesting name the Commodore Gravel looks to be a very versatile PVP. With the ability to play MP4, MPEG, DivX, Xvid, WMV, MP3, WMA, WAV, JPG, BMP and GIF files it seems like there’s nothing that this little guy isn’t up to.

It has 1 or 2GB of internal flash memory, plus an expandable SD slot for removable memory, and plays on its 2.8” screen.

Then there's the Gravel in Home system, which has a 80GB hard disk, Video On Demand and Replay TV support. This sounds like an interesting feature but there is not too much information on it at this time.Press Release

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September 22, 2006

The New FineDrive M300

FineDrive, a Korean company, offers a new GPS device that also has an integrated T-DMB receiver (Digital TV Tuner) and PMP capabilities. The FineDrive M300 weighs only 130 grams, has a 3.5" touch screen and 3GB of internal memory.

The M300 will presumably also have an SD expansion slot. This is the perfect electronic device to have in your car rather than having three different devices. Unfortunately though this player is only available in Korea right now.

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The Aigo MP-F986 PVP

Aigo, a Chinese manufacturer, has announced a new PVP that is only 2.6 x 1.85 x 0.6-inches and 1.5-ounces. Despite it's size the Aigo Patriot MP-F986 still manages to pack a 160 x 128 display and 512-1GB of memory. This player is perfect for listening to music or watching videos. It supports MP3, WMA, OGG and AVI files.

The player also pulls out all the bells and whistles with an FM radio and voice recording. For some reason it seems like every media player has these features except for, oh yeah, the iPod.

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The Toshiba MES20VW Reviewed

Earlier this week it was said that Toshiba will be coming with a new line of PVPs. Well one of our partners, Digital Trends had a chance to test out and review the MES30VW.

"I like the design of the Gigabeat S series better than the iPod. You have to compare the two because Gigabeat looks too much like the iPod not to. The 30-gigabyte version, which I test-drove, comes in white and the 60-gig version is black. Gigabeat is also better proportioned than my iPod—at least for me."

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September 20, 2006

Disney Releases Their Own PVP

Disney has announced their own portable video player. The Disney Mix Max Player was announced Tuesday as an upgraded version of the Disney Mix Stick music player. The new features are the ability to play movies and view digital photos on top of listening to music.

Disney has taken SanDisk's approach to media players by offering expansion slots for memory cards to increase device capacity rather than equipping the devices with large internal memories. Disney is also selling memory cards with Disney content already on them.

Similar to other Disney products the players are colorful easy-to-use versions of players designed for adults. The player has a 2.2" screen, 512MB of internal memory and a battery life os two hours for video and eight hours for music.

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September 19, 2006

SanDisk Makes Video Transfer Easy

SanDisk V-MatePortable video devices are great, but how easy is it to get the media you want on it? It's somewhat a difficult task, formatting the files correctly having the right compression, right memory card or cable to transfer, etc. Well SanDisk hopes to bring cure to this problem with their new V-Mate

The V-Mate allows users to transfer video from just about any source; TV, Cable, Satellite, DVD, DVRs, or VCR. The V-Mate records the video directly onto a flash memory card and then is ready to be plugged into any device you choose for playback.

The device can record uptp 3.5 hours of video per gigabyte and is compatible with a variety of SD, MMC, and Memory Stick models. It records at a resolution of 640x480 pixels which means the video is sized for a small screen.

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Archos PVP with TV Tuner

The LAKS Baby Boom WatchArchos has introduced a portable video player that can view and record digital TV while out and about. The AV700 TV automatically scans and detects digital channels and using two external antennas delivers a crystal-clear video quality broadcast right to your fingertips.

The AV700 TV has a 40GB hard drive capable of holding 35 hours of recorded TV, 160 hours of encoded video, 20,000 songs or 400,000 photos. According to Archos the reception is the best inside buildings and in cars.

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September 17, 2006

Turn Your iPod Into a Video Recorder

The ATO iSee 360iA new product that is gaining popularity is the ATO iSee 360i, a revolutionary iPod accessory that turns your iPod into a video recorder. According to the manufacture it's as easy as "slipping" the iPod into the back of the unit and "flipping" the unit over.

The interesting thing about this unit is that it supports iPod models that are not video capable on their own. Now all models are supported, however. Instead, you're limited to 20GB fourth-generation and 30GB fifth-gen models, as well as the iPod mini and nano (with optional $20 adapter).

Also one of the iSee's biggest limitations is that it works only with Microsoft Windows–formatted iPods, since the included Windows-only software is required for prepping your iPod for use with the iSee. So if you are a Mac lover then I guess it's bad news for you.

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Game Park Unveils The New XGP Kids

The XGP KidsThe Korean company Game Park is hoping to make headway in the market of portable devices. The new device the XGP Kids is their new version of a portable game system as well as a portable player for music and video. The XGP and XGP Mini were released earlier this year, with this version the company hopes to reach a younger market.

Game Park knows it will be hard to compete with the likes of the PSP and GBA so to start out this player will only be released in the UK and other parts of Europe. Game Park hopes that the combination of games, video, and music will provide interest for the unit. Unfortunately for Game Park the iPod now has versatile gaming capabilities as well.

The XGP Kids features a 2.2 inch screen uses only a 140MHz processor and uses SD memory cards for video or music storage.

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September 14, 2006

Microsoft Unveils the Zune

Microsoft's ZuneThere have been a lot of rumors floating around about Microsoft's answer to the iPod and iTunes and today they were confirmed. In a press conference today Microsoft unveiled details of the first products to be released under its Zune brand.

The Zune media player will have an internal memory of 30GB, and be able to play both audio and video files. The player also already comes preloaded with content so it's ready to go right out of the box.

The Zune will also include wireless technology and a built in FM tuner. Microsoft has also added the ability to change the backdrop image so that every player is unique to its owner.

Along with the player Microsoft has also announced the launch of Zune Marketplace. Zune Marketplace sounds very similar to Napster. You either have the ability to download single tracks for a small fee, or pay a monthly fee for unlimited downloads.

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Toshiba Releases The New Gigabeat V Series

Toshiba Gigabeat VLook out apple there's a player in town and his name is the Toshiba Gigabeat V. Ok so it doesn't sound as cool as the iPod but it's got some seriously good features. This player was built on the success of the gigabeat S series, the 2 main improvements are a larger screen (3.5") and longer battery life.

The Gigabeat V is designed to work with PlaysForSure subscription-based video download services. The new player also supports the ability to transfer photos directly from your digital camera.

The player which comes with 30GB internal drive can hold 8 hours of video or 25 hours of music. One of the nicer features is built in speakers. Now you can enjoy your video or music content anywhere even if you've forgoten your headphones.

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September 13, 2006

iTunes Now Offers Full Length Movies

Video iPod with Pirates of the Caribbean MovieWell it's finally here, the moment all iPod junkies have been waiting for.  Wednesday, at Apple's big "Showtime" media extravaganza, the latest version of iTunes, version 7.0, was announced.  Along with other features it adds the ability to download and watch movies, which are purchased in a similar fashion to music and TV shows.

Over 70 titles are already available for purchase.  Apple plans to stay on top of the movie game, with new movies expected in the digital store the day that they're released on DVD.  Users will be able to pre-order new release titles for $12.99.  During the first week it's available they will cost $14.99.  Movies that are more than a week old sell for $9.99.

Apple also showcased the new 30GB and 80GB iPod Video models which are perfect now that iPods will have multiple 2 hour movies rather than a few TV shows.

All of this great stuff, including the new iPod hardware, is available immediately.  So go out and celebrate.  Because nothing screams "Party!" like watching Pirates of the Caribbean on a 4 inch screen.

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September 12, 2006

Creative's New Widescreen Video Player

The Creative Zen WThe Creative Zen is a very well known name in the world of portable video players. The new Zen W does not disappoint with it's crystal clear wide screen and wonderful features. Some features include a built-in microphone, organizer with calendar and contacts list, and a click with date and time. This new PVP will also allow you to transfer photos from your digital camera; so you can free up some space on that long vacation when your computer isn't around.

The player also allows you to play MP3s and is compatible with all the major music download sits. The player also plays all major video formats including MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4-SP, MJPEG and XviD.

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September 11, 2006

A Portable Video Player Belt Buckle

The Egocast One Belt BuckleSociety is completely immersed with media. Everywhere you turn there’s a billboard, or a bus with an advertisement on it. But what if the next time you were at a club you saw commercials on everyone’s belt buckles?

Well it just might be possible with Egocast's creation of the Egocast One. The Egocast One is a media player that can be attached to your belt and play either your own content or a number of looping videos that come with the player. Egocast even offers a subscription service in which you are sent new looping videos on a regular basis.

But what do you do with a belt buckle video player when you aren't walking around in public? Well the Egocast One is also a standalone player that you can view your favorite TV shows or home videos on. The player also comes with video output so you can play the video on your TV.

If you do decide to buy this product be careful. The manufacturer does warn consumers about it's affects. They say that the product "Is not for wallflowers. Some people might be a little uncomfortable with everyone looking at their belt; it's sort of an unusual place for people to be staring at."

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